Sponsorship-Providing Scholarships for Children to Attend Private Schools

While Mentes Para El Futuro is dedicated to providing quality services to children and families attending public school in Quetzaltenango, we are also realize the importance for children to have access to the highest quality academic instruction available.  Given the extreme overcrowding in public schools, the lack of adequate textbooks and materials and the cost of buying uniforms and school supplies, it is no wonder that only 40% of all children graduate from primary school in Guatemala and that only 10% graduate from high school.

This is why Mentes continues to emphasize the need of providing academic scholarships to the children we serve, in order that children may attend an academically rigorous colegio and ultimately attend college.  As the children we work with attend colegio, we continue to provide them and their families with educational tutoring and support, as well as mental health services. In January of 2014, thanks to a very generous donor, our first scholarship recipient began attending colegio.

This scholarship recipient was a child who had a long history of trauma and had failed third grade two years in a row.  After receiving a year of intensive academic tutoring and counseling services, she began studying at a private colegio.  We are happy to report that she is now performing near the top of her class in her colegio and plans to continue studying and attend college.

In November 2014, four more donors stepped forward and sponsored four more scholarship recipients.  Thus, as of Janauary, 2015 Mentes had a total of five students attending an academically rigorous colegio, offering them the opportunity to recieve a high quality education and attain their dreams of becoming professionals.

In 2016 many generous donors have stepped forward, allowing Mentes to send a 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th child to colegio.  As of 2017, we currently have 13 children receiving academic scholarships to private school.

What is most incredibe is that sponsorship of a child, in order that he/she may attend an academically rigorous colegio, costs as little as $50.00 a month for our donors.  Thus, for just a small amount of money, a single person can indeed change the life of a child forever.

If you would like more information on the children waiting for sponsors, please contact Alison Aparicio at Alison@mentesparaelfuturo.org.

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