What We Do

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Many of you are aware of the large number of unaccompanied Guatemalan children attempting to enter the United States in order to escape poverty, abuse and violence in their home country.  Mentes is dedicated to serving children such as these, offering them mental health and educational services aimed at addressing the many stressors and traumas they face on a daily basis, as well as working with them to ensure a solid academic future.

Our goal is to provide support and create opportunities to ensure future success, in order that these children will not feel forced to make this very dangerous journey.   Instead, we hope to provide children with the opportunity to become the future leaders and professionals of Guatemala.

Our services include psyhological support to address issues of trauma and life stressors, individualized academic tutoring (especially for those children who have failed or at risk of failing a grade) and scholarships for students to attend an academically rigorous private school (as they improve academically).

With a poverty rate hovering around 60%, a crime rate that now ranks Guatemala as the fifth most violent country in the world and a high school graduation rate of around 10%, the need for services here in Guatemala is tremendous.  At the same time, however, we at Mentes have witnessed first hand how providing quality, professional services can change the lives of the children and families we serve forever.


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