Programs & Services

Who We Serve – Guatemala is a beautiful country, rich in history and culture.  Unfortunately, in recent years Guatemala has been plagued by ongoing violence and crime… Read more.

Educational Support Services – Mentes Para El Futuro offers the following educational services… Read more.

Counseling and Mental Health Services – Low-income Guatemalans have little to no access to mental health and counseling services. We are able to provide a range of services that include… Read more.

After-School and Vacation Programming – We work with students to provide after-school programming that focuses on academics and enrichment… Read more.

Family Support Services – In addition to focusing on the individual academic and social needs of the children we serve, we understand the importance of providing professional counseling services to parents and family members… Read more.

Data and Evaluation – In Guatemala, there is very little reliable data on academic performance and graduation rates. Most reports agree that Guatemala has one of the lowest graduation rates in Latin America… Read more.

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