Change the Lives of These Two Boys

chrischris3Mentes is looking for individuals and/or groups who are interested in donating and/or sponsoring scholarships, in order that Alessandro and Cristofer may be able to attend private school.

Cristofer (age 13) and Alessandro (age 11) are two wonderful, kind and caring boys.  Cristofer is currently in 7th grade and Alessadro is in 5th grade.

The low level of education these two boys are receiving in public school is truly alarming, especially given how hard working they are and how much thy want to succeed in life. Cristofer’s math teacher does not even himself understand what he is teaching, and routinely assigns math problems for the children to finish, with no explanation how to complete them.  Critofer’s class doesn’t even have a math book to explain the math problems they are working on.

The teacher of Alessandro also struggles to teach the children the material they need to learn, and she frequently shows up an hour late for school, if at all.  Such is the state of the public school system here in Guatemala.

Both Cristofer and Alessandro did attend private school in the past, Their father, however, left the family approximately 3 years ago and the mother could not pay for private school on her salary alone.  No one knows the whereabouts of the father, a fact that deeply saddens both of the boys.

Making the situation worse is the fact that both Cristofer and Alessandro are small for their age and are constantly harrassed and assaulted in school.  Last year, Cristofer was surrounded by a group of boys and beaten so badly he had to be taken to the hospital.

Cristofer and Alessandro are eagerly awaiting the chance to return to private school.  If you or anyone you know would be interested in sponsoring these boys (for just $50 dollars a month), please feel free to contact us.  Furthermore, even the smallest donation can go a long way in helping to raise sufficient funds for a scholarship to be put in place.

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