First Semester Exams!

It seems almost impossible, but the first academic quarter of the school year is coming to a close.  Our scholarship recipients are busy studying for their first quarter exams.

Our students who are in their second and third year of colegio are now old pros at taking exams, and are exuding a confidence about their abilities to work hard and excel academically.

Mentes is also providing extra support to our new scholarship recipients, to help them through, what at first, feels like a daunting process.  With organization, hard work and patience, we know that our scholarship recipients will also gain confidence and the ability to excel in their studies.

A recent study by US AID demonstrated that only 40% of Guatemalan youth were enrolled in middle school and that there were over 2 million out of school youth in all of Guatemala, with over 600,000 of these youth originating from the Western High Lands.  These youth are currently facing increasingly difficult situations, including high unemployment and raising crime rates.

We at Mentes are so happy that our scholarship recipients (and those children we work with who are waiting for scholarships) are working towards a very different future; a future full of hope and academic opportunities, that will allow them to stay in school and achieve their dreams.

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