Education For All

It´s no secret here in Guatemala that girls face much greater difficulites in accessing educational services than boys.  Furthermore, girls are more likely to leave school at a younger age, due to families needing or wanting the girl to work or marry.

Machismo, throughout Guatemalan society, also great impacts a girl´s ability to thrive and receive equal treatment in all walks of life.  Thus, rightfully so, many programs focus on providing services to girls, helping them to overcome these obstacles.

Yet, at the same time, what about the boys? Should we just forget that all children living in poverty face significant challenges in terms of equal access to education, health care and jobs.

Here at Mentes, we place emphasis on working and educating both boys and girls, with the goal of forming a more egalitarian society.  We support boys in their quest for education, but we also work with both girls and boys; addressing issues of machismo and inequality.

Ultimately, here at Mentes, we work with all members of our families; mothers, fathers, boys and girls, striving for equality for all the families we serve – no matter what their age, gender or ethnicity might be.

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