New School Year!

Scholarship Recipients Begin New Year

First of all, we would like to thank all our sponsors and donors who gave so generously this past holiday season.  Due to your support, we were able to provide scholarships to private school for 12 children living in extreme poverty.

Mentes is also pleased to announce that our students are now attending a new colegio, the only non-profit colegio operating in Quetzaltenango.  The school provides a first class education, drawing upon some of the most innovative teaching techniques. The school also focuses on issues of social justice and equality.  The colegio, unlike the majority of private schools in Quetzaltenango, boasts a full library of books in Spanish, English and K´iche.  A great emphasis is put on reading, writing and thinking creatively, rather than memorization which is the more standard way of learning here in Guatemala.

Our scholarship recipients have been very excited and happy with their new school, and the new ways of learning and thinking they have obtained.  The school serves children from pre-school through high school.  Last year, 100% of the senior class went on to college.

As usual, Mentes will continue to offer academic suppport, emotional support, counseling and advocacy to our scholarship recipients and their families; in order to help them adjust to their new school and continue on the road to success.

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